Henderson's Outposts
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The Peper's

This was our first time fishing in Canada, and what a spectacular time it was!

We flew in to unseasonably cold weather.  The first day was mix of snow and rain.  After that, however, the weather warmed, and we had 5 straight days of sunshine.

The fishing was quite good, but made a bit trickier by the high water.  We caught an abundance of Northern Pikes, enough walley for a few fish fries, and even a Smallmouth Bass.

Above all, however, we were amazed and impressed by the hospitality and accommodation of our hosts. 

The cabin was immaculate, and had far more than we ever anticipated.  We could not have been more pleased with our stay!

We look forward to being back next year!

Andrew & Troy Peper

Grand Rapids, Michigan



The Ibey's

Sunday woke up in Chapleau to snow!! Delayed our flight, thought maybe it wasn't going to happen.  Got the call from Rene....small window available...hurry to meet the plane. The Plane!!!!

The vintage! the reliability! the view! Wow!!! 

Weather wasn't great but we went fishing anyway but caught nothing worth keeping. 

Monday we went fishing in the morning...it was +3...a little chilly but we were dressed for it.  Caught 1 pike. 

Wednesday we finally caught enough perch for a meal. 

Friday looks like the weather might clear enough for us to go through the Portage. 

Thursday rained enough to keep us inside all day. 

Friday.....We trolled along the left shore.  We sat behind the island for 2 hours.  We trolled up to the mouth of the river and sat for 2 hours...Nothing...Changed lures, changed bait...all of a sudden..15 minutes we pulled 5 walleyes and then nothing!! LOL...Really.. if we didn't have bad luck we would have no luck at all! My husband decided 5 fish wasn't worth the pain of walking back in again. 

We spent Saturday around the camp. The weather was terrible, cold and rainy every day.  It obviously affected the fish bitting. 

The ultimate experience of the camp, the flight, our hosts Claire &  Rene were amazing!  We loved the peace, the comfort, the hospitality.  We will be back! Just earlier in the season.  We left very pleased with our vacation. 

Thank you Claire & Rene.  We look forward to our next visit.

John & Tammy

Marathon ON

Celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary!



The Jackson's

Thanks for an awesome time/week! An awesome place to come & come again! We absolutely loved it. 

The plane ride in & out, the cabin and most of all the fishing.     

It was great and we will most definitely will be back ASAP!

Neal, Charlie & Reagan

Mill Springs, Polk County, North Carolina

Over 1,200 miles



The Hammond's

Sad to see the end come to a very relaxing week.

Many thanks to Claire and Rene for patiently providing answers to our many questions before arriving and providing a well stocked facility when we arrived.

Spaghetti sauce was a special treat!

Caught a ton of fish at all times of the day, kind of a can't miss! 

Here with my brothers, we all plan on returning!

Chris, Andrew & Rob

Niagra Region & Ottawa ON



The Hurley's

20th Wedding Anniversary

The place is beautiful, all the comforts of home. 

We arrived at the end of the heat wave, fishing was awesome, the company was great, the camp is awesome. 

The wildlife is great to see.  Woke up to loons talking to us every morning.  Seen the bald eagle a few times, a family of otters, some grey jays and a family of loons. 

Caught the biggest fish and bent the hook! Thank God my hubby doesn't mind taking the fish off and baiting my line with a leech sometimes.

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary being celebrated in this beautiful, serene and quiet place was the greatest!  Out fishing one last time, a couple bites and landed a couple small pikes. Admired the area for the last time before we head home. 

Thank you Claire & Rene - you are perfect hosts and the place is the best!

Mike & Mimi

Onaping ON



The Gustin's

We felt like VIP's from the word "Go"!

Claire and Rene, thank you for being the absolute best when it comes to hosting! We've never encountered such care and service; from meeting us at the plane and your sweetness and thoughtfullness with our boys. 

Thank you for providing the means to an extra special and certainly memorable vacation for our family!  Y'all have thought of every possible need and provided everything.  We felt so cared for and thought of.

Thank you for the delicious wine and yummy spaghetti sauce; we enjoyed both the first night.

Your cabin is absolutely beautiful and so combortable.  We can't wait to share with our friends and to come back as our boys grow.

Thank you for being the ultimate host and hostess.

Fondly, Jon, Jess, Jack, Jude and Jamison

Gustin family 

Anderson, Indiana


 Saari's Group

Great weekend. Perfect weather...sunny & warm. The camp was perfect.  I haven't seen an outpost camp set up like this. 

Rene & Claire were amazing.  Perfect host.

Can't wait to come back and enjoy this beautiful place.

Stephen Saari & Crew

Chapleau ON, Wingham ON, Elliott Lake ON and Kitchener ON



Martin's Bachelor Fishing Trip!

Pat, Robin, Rick, Eric, Serge, Pascal, Martin & Marc

What a day...around 20 fish in the afternoon. Very sunny and sun burned.  Amazing so far.

In the evening, Martin caught some fish with his Dora Fishing Rod...LOL...Had a blast.  Caught some more fish.  Back to camp had awesome fish fry and good laughs.  Amazing place. Drank 10 cases of beer....LOL...Fun Time

Everyone was hungover.  Great night last night.  After a mega breakfast, 8 of us went fishing - 9:30 until 4:00pm.  Caught so much fish in the afternoon.  Released a 26" walleye.  Everyone caught so many walleyes except on guy who had no fishing skills so far (P.P.).  Got more beer flown in...second round.  Caught lots of fish. Can't keep count.

Thanks to Claire & Rene for the great stay.  We had a blast here with the boys.

Robin Belanger

Lovely weekend.  Lots of fishing..lots of fish & beer.  Super nice camp.  A wonderful weekend to remember for a long time.

Martin Bergeron & Crew 

Dubreuilville ON, Ottawa ON and Chapleau ON



Had a great time.  Lots of fish...lots of  Vodka & beer. Bugs just getting bad but a great time.

Last day and sad but had a really good time.  Great fishing, great cabin and great memories.  Glad it was cool so no bugs.  Great time.  Thanks

John & Crew

Glencarin ON



Here we are again at Henderson's Outposts, which is like no other.  Hoping the weather would be better, but guess what --NOT.  Rained everyday but the day we got here and the last day.  Dispite the low pressure & fishing in the rain we ate fish everyday.  Mark's only complaint was he fished 8hrs without a fish.  Left 1 walleye in waters by dock on stringer to go downriver and fish and came back to empty stringer, only to see 3 otters swimming away licking their chops thanking us. 

Thank you Claire & Rene once again for your hospitality. We love you! 

P.S. we drank 2 bottles of Apothic Wine tonigh and I'm BUZZED! Thanks

Bonnie & Mark Zysk

Taylor, Michigan



Marie & Wayne Ferguson's Honeymoon

We had beautiful weather during our stay.  Had lots of great fishing time.  We even got to meet Sam (rabbit) and Charlie (groundhog).  We had a wonderful time and would love to be back in the future. 

Thank you for the relaxing stay!

Marie & Wayne Ferguson

Thunder Bay ON



Flew into Henderson's, wonderful camp.  Everything you need.  Poured rain, went out fishing, caught dinner, bugs bad.  Next day, couldn't get out till 1:30 because of the pouring rain.  Still caught dinner in the rain.  Tuesday, went to lower rapids, got caught in the pouring rain but still caught dinner.  Good thing this camp is so cozy as we spent so much tine drying out. "HEX" May Fly hatch just started. Wednesday, sunshine and good weather.  Pike were on the bite.  Thursday, went to where the rivers meet again, did better, limited walleye.  Very windy and more rain.  "Flight Check" and was gifted with some Live BAIT.  HEX hatch!  Friday, Live BAIT worked very well and got robbed often. Saturday, fished the bay at lower end to find new spots.  Ended up raining once again.  Ate fish every day.  Great camp, next time we hope we pick a better choice for the week.  P.S. The bugs liked the rain. 

Thank you for all Claire & Rene!

Bonnie & Mark Zysk

Taylor, Michigan



Had a fantastic stay at Henderson's Outposts camp. You could not ask for better hosts than Claire & Rene.  They have put some great effort in establishing such a nice outpost with more then comfortable accomodations.  The extra little touchs around the camp make you certain that you will return again.  I know we certainly will.

John & Crew

Glencarin ON



Thanks for the nice day.  It was fun.  See y'a next time!

Richard Groleau

Chapleau ON



Flew in today with my son.  Hard to imagine the work involved in turning it into a beautiful spot. Great change since last summer.  Fishing....Excellent!

Frank Broomhead

Chapleau ON



We had a lovely 4 days of relaxing, peaceful and good fishing.  We ate fish every night, plus leaving with our limit of walleyes.  Oh...can't forget the extra pumping the new hand pump for fresh water. 

Claire & Rene....you's have a beautiful camp that you can runaway from the fuss & buss of city life.  We are so greatful for giving us the opportunity to have Mike's dream holiday of a fly-in fishing trip become a reality with me.

Thanks Claire & Rene

Luv you!

Carole & Mike Lacelle

Timmins ON



Merci de nous avoir reçu dans votre beau camp.  C'est vraiment beau!


Thérèse & Marius Demers

Chapleau ON



Another beautiful trip to Henderson's Outposts.  Was nice to come back and spend time at a 20 degrees celcius and sunny.  Watching the fish jump and listen to the loons.

Be back soon!

Paul Charron

Chapleau ON



Great trip out to camp with Claire & Rene.  Nice short flight - nice fall day, a bit chilly but the camp was warm & cozy & so homey.  Love it!  Beautiful site - oh and fishing was great.

We will definitely be coming back!

Tonya & Paul

Chapleau ON